200 CLUB – OUR FIFTH DRAW took place on 10th November

£37.50 GOES TO “B.J.S.” B97 6PN
SECOND £22.50 GOES TO “R.H.” B98 7EY
THIRD £15.00 GOES TO “S&K.B.” B97 5TE
Full details of winners available
via the Chairman

Our Activity of the Month is ;
Daisy birthing; unique Active Antenatal method helps you learn your antenatal education in a truly groundbreaking and effective way – anchored to your breath, your body, your movement – exactly where you will need it on your baby’s birthing day.
Every Monday 7.30pm
Email helen@lazydaisybirthing.co.uk or call/text 07920 514903

What’s coming up soon?

RACE NIGHT ……………Coming up on 29th November  ………….  at the Village Hall. 

Tickets £1 per person, bring your own booze – coffee and tea available.  And we have Race Sponsors coming in! Would like to sponsor a Race, shout now.
Alternatively you can buy a horse or book a ride as a jockey.
Keep watching our notice boards and Facebook page.

Thursday 11th December from 2.00 to 4.00 sees our next Afternoon Social.  Come and enjoy a cup of tea, a dance, listen to the music or just have a chat. If you have neighbours, relatives, friends who might enjoy it please let them know. Organised on behalf of the Village Hall it is held every SECOND Thursday of the month.

200 CLUB – Draw History

£37.50 GOES TO “R.H.” B97 7EY
SECOND £22.50 GOES TO “G.L.” B97 5WA
THIRD £15.00 GOES TO “P.J.” B97 4NF

£37.50 GOES TO “TLG” B97 5YY
SECOND £22.50 GOES TO “S.S.” B97 5SJ
THIRD £15.00 GOES TO “A.L.” B97 5YY

£37.50 GOES TO “A.H.” B97 5SG
SECOND £22.50 GOES TO “J.M.” B97 5TE
THIRD £15.00 GOES TO “T.L.” B97 5SQ

FIRST PRIZE £37.50   GOES TO “O.J.”  B97 4NF
SECOND £22.50 GOES TO “M.J.” B97 5RE

(The small print…….Following our questionnaire and open meeting we have launched our 200 Club for those who expressed interest. Anyone else who would like to join in – secure your numbers before they all go – you need to be entered by the 1st of the month and the draw will take place within 2 weeks at the next committee meeting. Good Luck to all entrants. For more details, pick up a form at the Hall (by the front door), ask via the contact us form on this website, see a committee member or drop a note in the Village Hall letter box. We will get back to you……………)

Other User Groups to tempt your interest are:-

Pilates Wednesday Weekly https://en-gb.facebook.com/dypilatesredditch
Adult Zumba Mon/Wed Weekly www.mrjs.co.uk
Belly Dancing Mon/Sun Weekly www.belly-jewels.co.uk
RBC Keep Fit Monday Weekly No website. See Notice boards
Lucy Jane’s School of Dance Tues/Wed/Fri Weekly www.lucyjanesschoolofdance.co.uk
Webheath Digital Photography Club Tuesday Weekly www.webheathdpc.com
The Ladies Wine Association Tuesday (3rd) Monthly No website. See Notice boards
Feckenham Forest History Society Tuesday (4th Alt) 2 Monthly www.feckenham-forest-history-society.org.uk
Needlebeaders Thursday (1st) Monthly No website. See Notice boards
Webheath WI Thursday (4th) Monthly www.webheathwi.moonfruit.com
St. Philips Ladies Circle Thursday (2nd) Monthly No website. See Notice boards
Redditch Bonsai Thursday (3rd) Monthly No website. See Notice boards
Brownies Friday Weekly www.girlguiding.org.uk
Rhythm Time Friday Weekly www.rhythmtime.net/franchisee/27
Pyjama Drama Tues/Sat Weekly www.pyjamadrama.com
Kids Zumba Wednesday Weekly www.youngandfunkyfitness.co.uk
U3A Science Group Friday (3rd) Monthly
Football Coaching Saturday Weekly but seasonal in school field. No website. See Notice boards
Ju-Jitsu Thurs/Sun Weekly www.torajudo.co.uk/yawara-Redditch.php
U3A Digital Photography Group Monday (1st) Monthly http://u3asites.org.uk/code/u3asite.php?site=514&page=22861
Daisy Birthing Monday Weekly www.lazydaisybirthing.co.uk
Redditch Association for the Blind Thursday 2 Monthly www.redditchab.org.uk
Webheath Wanderers Tuesday Weekly www.walkingforhealth.org.uk/walkfinder/west-midlands/webheath-wanderers
Webheath Village Hall Committee Monday (2nd) Monthly www.webheathvillagehall.org.uk

Have your say on New Webheath Village Hall

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Webheath Village Hall

Welcome to Webheath Village Hall Website, bringing you everything you need to know about the Hall, what it offers, what’s on, when and much much more!

Webheath Village Hall is owned by the Village of Webheath.
It is registered with the Charity Commission as Registered Charity No. 1111407.

The Hall was built in 1925 to provide a Parish Hall for the Village on land donated to the village by Mr Victor Woodfield. It consists of a Main Hall, Main Kitchen, Small Hall with its own tea facilities, together with an entrance hallway and toilets serving both. The grounds provide a car park and an area for outdoor activities.

Access through the grounds is provided as a safe pedestrian route to Webheath First School at the start and end of the school day. Parking for this use is NOT permitted.

The halls are available for rent by both voluntary groups and on a commercial basis. These are normally on a regular basis but it is also the occasional meeting place for various committees and for parties.

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