You will see we have made some changes to our Notice Boards so to help you understand……….

NOTICE BOARD by the Gate

This is primarily the “public face of the Hall” and will be used for our notices and our publicity.  This does not however, exclude our users.  We would also like to post any “special “ events or promotions that you may have.  So if you have anything special going on drop a flyer in the letterbox or send to  and we will do our best to accommodate them  — A4 MAX please.

MAIN BOARD on left in foyer

This is for you regular groups.  We have worked out that if everyone sticks to two A4 or one A3 there should be room for all.  At present some have only one A4 and a few are not shown at all.  You also have access to the folder on the stand in the outside foyer.  We try to keep this updated but you are welcome to post in there….please supply your own insert and don’t cover another groups flyer.

HALL NOTICES on right in foyer

This board is reserved for Hall notices … The mandatory notices that we have to post; Our publicity;  Communications with yourselves

Hope this clarifies things and that these arrangements will work for you.